Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Standing in my mums back garden under a massive pole that was about 20 feet high, I glanced up and saw that there was a bird box on the top of the pole. 
I took a ladder and climbed to the top and put my arms into the box. 

I pulled out two pigeons and slowly descended back down to the ground. 
Looking at the pigeons they both looked very disheveled and had something stuck to their feathers. 
On closer inspection I saw that it was fish food pellets. 

I then spent the rest of my dream slowly and carefully picking out all of the pellets from the birds before setting them free. 


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Roman spar

Last night I was relaxing in a Roman spar. I was fascinated by the fact that there was ice and snow everywhere but the water was steaming hot without being heated. 
All around icicles hung down around me but I sat in beautiful warm clear water. I did have all my clothes on however so was soaking wet. 

I then watched as my dog ran up and down a narrow but long channel of water that had been dug out of the ground and had wooden side panels. 
He was having lots of fun as it was only a few inches deep so he was able to get a lot of speed up. 
My wife arrived and said that because he had been ill this would make him better. My dog had been sick the previous evening too! 


Monday, 29 July 2013

Streets of gold

There were three very separate parts to my dreaming last night. Starting with me being in a very picturesque German town in the mountains. 
As I looked at the people they all had sticks in their hands that were made of gold. I widened my glance to the houses and bridges, they too were all shining brightly of gold in the sun. It was a magical place. 

Next I was at the house of a very old school friend but I knew he was out and so I spoke to his sister. I'd left my bike there and had come to collect it. When I went into the back garden there was no fence and it was open for anyone to get in. 
My bike was outside the shed and all of the brakes had been removed and a wheel was missing. I looked angrily at my friends sister who simply shrugged her shoulders. 

Finally I was in a car with my wife and she was driving. Oddly it was a left hand drive and we were attempting to find a parking space outside of a house. 
Having passed the house my wife started to reverse and when she reached the driveway reversed onto it. 
I was looking out of the rear windscreen and a car with its door open was on the drive. She continued to drive at it and I started to call out stop.  

People outside also started shouting to stop but my wife hit the other cars door and kept going. 
I turned to look at her and she was asleep and not hearing my shouts. I slipped my left leg out to put it on the brake and woke up with my wife asleep next to me and I was kicking my leg out of the bed. 


Sunday, 28 July 2013

World War 3

I was at work and knew that I had a 10 O'Clock appointment that I couldn't miss. So instead of getting too involved in anything I decided to go snooping around an old aircraft hanger. 
I climbed on top of the hanger and found a small hole big enough to climb through and slowly dropped down. 

Once inside the hanger I could see lots of people, all of which were in my mind some kind of Bond film villains plotting the destruction of the World. 
I decide to leave to report my findings and as I walk out the door a male and female walk in arguing. Clearly having a domestic about her sleeping with another man they don't take any notice of me. 

I think I'm out safe when the man shouts, "Is this him?"
Looking back he is pointing at me and has mistaken me for his wife's lover. 
The man runs angrily towards me and I pull out some pepper spray and hit him in the eyes temporarily blinding him. 
Just as I think I've done enough to escape, hundreds of men from inside the hanger give chase. 
I begin randomly spraying them but quickly run out and get cornered. 
One man approaches me and says, "You've started World War 3 now!"

I was lastly at some kind of training class at work and in my group was my colleague Stu and football manager Roberto Mancini. 
At the end of the course we were sent out of the class to be evaluated but Stu stayed in there. Roberto and myself were running around the car park like children and at one point I rushed back into the classroom and skidded on my bottom across the table Stu was sitting on. He didn't look impressed. 

I went to the boot of my car and handed Roberto a blue football shirt with his name on the back and asked if he wanted to swap contact details. 
Roberto messed about pretending not to remember his mobile number, clearly not wanting to swap. 
In the end I left him and went to find Stu. When I got to the classroom Stu had gone and the room was empty. 


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Claudia Schiffer's B&B

I was at the home of a doctor who had invited me to his birthday party. I didn't know him but he was very friendly and happily introduced me to all if his family. 
He owned a small bed and breakfast that appeared to be in the middle of a housing estate. 

As he showed me around the B&B I saw a blonde female that looked very familiar. The doctor introduced me to her and said that she was model Claudia Schiffer and that she lived there. She was friendly and I handed the doctor my phone to take a cheesy photo of me and Claudia. 

Lastly I was attempting to go to the toilet but couldn't lock the door to the bathroom. It didn't help that the door was completely made of plain glass either. 
Every time I thought I'd managed to wedge the door shut it would swing open and someone would walk past. 
Finally confident that I'd locked it I dropped my trousers and sat on the pan. 

Rather unpleasantly as I attempted to leave the bathroom I noticed I'd had a very messy accident and my arms were covered in my own excrement. 
Horrified by this I tried to wash at the sink but the taps wouldn't work. 

My embarrassment intensified when friend and work colleague Leeza arrived to take me home. 
I followed her outside towards her car and any attempt on my part to engage her in conversation were met by silence and she totally avoided looking at me. 

In a car park her Volvo car had been blocked in and I offered to help her manoeuvre it out. She glared at me and said, "There is no way you are getting in my car in that state"! 


Friday, 26 July 2013


I began my night by being in an auction room where all the men wore flat caps and brown coats. 
The only items for sale were coffee mugs that were second hand and were all thrown into a plastic washing up bowl. 
I was concerned that they would smash as the people looking at them carelessly tossed them back into the bowl. 

I wandered off and found a small room that had two tiny new born mice in it. They were pink with eyes closed and when I picked them up they tried to suckle my fingers. 
I decided that I needed to hand rear them and set about looking for a pipette to feed them milk. 
I placed the mice on a work top and they changed shape and became a round balloon, I tried to pick them up but they were stuck to the table. 

I next found myself in a small square room that was equal in length on all sides. A woman was sat at a desk writing a witness statement and a man stood over her. 
They didn't seem to see me so I set about opening cupboards and draws to see what I could find. 

I discovered a small cake that resembled a fondant fancy but it was orange. I popped it into my mouth and it was orange flavoured too. 
A further search uncovered some chocolates that again were orange flavoured. As I continued to pop sweets and cakes into my mouth, I became overwhelmed with a guilty feeling because I still had my lunch to eat. 

I watched the woman signing her statement and left the room feeling rather full and uncomfortable. 


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Talking roses

Last night I was either a private detective or police officer, wasn't entirely sure but I was out in the street waiting for an assignment. 
I was in need of a wee and as I looked for somewhere to go a rose bush ahead of me started to move. I thought something was hiding inside it but then the entire bush started to walk towards me. It said, "I've lost my parrot". 

Slightly alarmed at this I turned and ran. I ran into a toilet and clearly my brain was sending a message that I needed to wake and go to the toilet because when I started to go it fired out like a firefighters hose. 
The result being that the water in the pan shot back up and splashed me. Just as I was getting soaked a voice came over a radio saying,'Your next mission is an escaped parrot, go get it'. 
I then woke up. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

House of the burning son

I was in a huge barn that was in the process of being converted into a home and I was looking around at the high open ceilings. 
For some bizarre reason I decided to start a fire and left before it took hold and put myself in danger. 

Next I was with my dad and showing him around the same barn. The ceiling beams were blackened and smoke damaged and I was saying to my dad what a shame it was about the fire. 
Not disheartened by this my dad was very excited as he told me that he had been posted there when he first joined the army and slept in the very same barn. 

I looked up at the ceiling and just one small crack of light was shinning through and I said that was good and it could be repaired. 
I then raised up a microphone towards my dad and asked him what it was like to be converting and eventually living in the place he had stayed when he was in the army. 
My dad just smiled and said, "I'm just very excited to be here". 


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Play for today

So much going on last night that I must have dreamt continuously. 
I was woken very early on by my wife because I was shouting out loud. The reason for this was that I was taking a shower and suddenly I was drowning and began to panic. 

Next my brain signalled to me that I needed the toilet by dreaming that I'd entered a public convenience cubicle to pee. Whilst in the cubicle I looked over the top into the next one and a man was grinning up at me. 
I removed a pistol equipped with a barrel silencer and shot him twice in the head. 
I opened the cubicle door and another man was staring at me. He met the same fate. 
I then woke to use the toilet. 

Back to slept again and I was at a theatre about to take the starring role in a play that I had written. 
I had my script but with minutes to go before the start of the play realised that I hadn't learnt my lines. Despite having written it my mind was blank. I franticly looked through the script but it contained pictures only. 
 I ran to the female director and told her, she looked at me with disgust and just said, "Goodbye"
She shouted for the understudy and the play went on without me. I was devastated. I cried.  

Finally I was at work looking for a continuation sheet for something I was writing but there were none anywhere. As I searched every draw and cupboard a female that I once worked with in a supermarket over 15 years ago was shouting out titles to dreams that I had previously written. As she did so she shook her head disaprovingly. 


Monday, 22 July 2013

Radioactive sand

I was heading down a street on foot when I came across a road block of police vehicles with flashing blue lights. 
I just couldn't get by and thought I was stuck there as the road from where I'd just come was also blocked as more cars arrived with sirens blasting. 

A glance to my left and I saw I small gap in a wooden fence. It was big enough for me to squeeze through and so I did so. 
As my body emerged out the other side my feet started to sink in soft sand. 

Suddenly I was aware of a hot almost melting feeling over my entire body. My head started to feel fuzzy and I couldn't see. I gasped for air as I lost control of my body and fell onto the sand. 

Realising that I was melting and my body was paralysed I quickly concluded that I was done for and accepted that I was about to face imminent death. So it was a pleasant relief when I opened my eyes this morning. 


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Don't wanna lose you

A very uncomplicated dream last night. 
I was stood on a bus that was full of people and I was holding on a rail above my head. 

As I stood there gently swaying to the bus moving, I could hear a song playing. 

'I don't wanna lose you now, we're gonna get through somehow
I don't wanna lose you now forever
Baby I finally found the courage to stand my ground
But if you want me, I'll be around forever'

It was the 1989 hit written and recorded by Gloria Estefan. 


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Elvis in a hoop

This morning as I slept I watched an Elvis Presley impersonator on stage dressed in his famous white suit. 
Thinking that he would be the usual poor standard for Elvis tribute acts, I was surprised when he sang, 'The Wonder of you' whilst spinning a hoola hoop around his waist. 

He then took the act to new heights when he stretched the hoop out so that he was able to get inside it and then roll around the stage as a human King of Rock n Roll wheel. 

I was very impressed and turned to say to my wife that he was very good not to sing out of key whilst he expertly span around the very edge of the stage without falling off. 

I now have the following playing over in my head:-

When no-one else can understand me
When everything I do is wrong
You give me hope and consolation
You give me strength to carry on
And you're always there to lend a hand
In everything I do


Friday, 19 July 2013

Goldie's broken Britain

Two of my work supervisors featured in last nights dream. 
Starting off with Goldie who was the host of his own TV show. The studio set up was Goldie sat on the bottom of some stairs, with a female celebrity that no one knew to his right and two guest presenters from the audience positioned above him on the stairs. The guest presenters being two teenage boys. 

One of the boys got his words mixed up so Goldie took him to one side and verbally tore him apart saying he was part of broken Britain. The audience laughed hysterically and the boy started to cry and Goldie smiled at his achievement. 

Next I had returned home to my mums to get changed in order to go out. I tried to Hoover the carpet but the vacuum made an awful noise so I switched it off. 
At this point Jim entered the room and said that the floor needed hoovering. I noticed that my socks had massive holes in them and when I pointed this out to Jim, he laughed and pointed at my feet like a giggling schoolboy. 

Jim switched on the Hoover which made an even worse noise and then fell apart. I told Jim he had broken it and smiled inwardly. 
I then noticed that my socks were no longer on my feet but hanging in a clear plastic bag on the side of the vacuum. 


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Lego devil lawn mower

To begin the nights adventure I'd entered a shop to buy a lottery ticket. 
I approached the counter and asked the man for a lucky dip for the coming Tuesday. He then placed a blanket over my head and began laughing hysterically. 
The blanket had pictures of animals all over it and I removed it and handed it back to the shop keeper who was still laughing as if he had just performed the funniest prank of all time. 

I was next in a field watching a man construct a huge upside down model of satan from Lego. 
It was about eight feet high and as he completed it he turned it up the right way and it wasn't a model of the devil but a working lawn mower which he then proceeded to cut the grass with. It was very impressive. 

I looked around me at a small crowd that had gathered to see the devil mower and noticed that none of them were very old. I then started to tell them that when I was a teenager that at 4.45 on a Saturday afternoon on ITV introduced by Dickie Davies was wrestling on TV. 

I tried to find a You Tube clip to show them but I wasn't able to get a phone signal in the field. 



Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Round robin

I was in a darkened barn that had a loft with a small open hatch for access from a ladder. 
I put my arm up and started to feel around in the dark. I took hold of what felt like a tennis ball but a lot softer like feathers. When I moved the object up to my face I saw it was a Robin red breast in a perfect ball. 

I threw him up into the air to watch him fly but he hit the floor and bounced several times. I raided my arm and took hold of another robin and repeated throwing it. This one decided to fly and went straight back into the loft. 
I tried to grab another but removed a small snowman Christmas decoration that had flashing coloured lights. 
I popped my head into the loft and placed the snowman next to a robin and it cuddled up to it. I took a photo. 

The last part of my dream involved me at Barking train station in Essex. I could see the platform I wanted to be on but no matter what direction I took I always ended up just looking at the platform unable to reach it. 
This went on for what seemed like ages and in the end I just sat across from the platform watching all the trains arrive and leave. 


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Tribute Jam and wife

I'd walked past a group of people that were looking after an old man that had collapsed in the street. There was nothing I could do as they had it all in hand so I continued on my way and entered a car park. 
I saw a red car abandoned in the middle of the place blocking other cars. I instinctively knew it was the old mans so parked it in a bay and decided to return the keys to him. 

I attempted to lock it but nothing I could do worked and in the end I left it unlocked and walked back to the people around the corner. 
As I approached the group I saw that the old man was gone, presumably to hospital and a large built man was walking towards me. 
I called out who wants the keys and the large man grabbed them out of my hand and said, "Cars mine now". I didn't even question him. 

Lastly I'd returned home and in my living room was a large white sheet hung down a wall from the ceiling which had an old style projector playing a film onto it. 
At first glance it was 1980's band The Jam playing with a Union Jack behind them. 
My wife entered the room and asked me why I was so happy. Before I could speak she started to have a right go at me and I just sat there opened mouthed at her uncharacteristic ranting. 

I looked up at the projection and noticed that it wasn't the original group but one of those tribute bands and the pretend Paul Weller singer was getting all the words wrong. 
I looked back at my wife and noticed that she was also a tribute act and not my real wife. 
Just goes to show that only the originals are the best. 


Monday, 15 July 2013

Leave a light on for me

Not unusually I was at my mums house. I'd parked a transit sized van outside and was in the living room. 
Every now and then I would look out of the window at the van and see that there was a light on inside it. 

Not sure if something was buzzing around my head during the night but I could hear a wasp in my mums living room. I pinpointed the sound as coming from behind the fireplace. 
Another check out of the window to see that the light was still on in the van and I then approached the fireplace. 

I noticed that the fire was actually on hinges and I pulled one side and it opened like a door. As I did this the wasps humming became louder and as I peered behind the fire I again had the overwhelming urge to look at the van once more. 

I checked the van and the light was still on inside it. Turning back towards the fire the wasp started to become more of a distant sound and I woke up. I checked the clock and it was 00.05 which was the exact time I woke during the previous night!

Back to sleep and I was at the top of a huge slide in a vast water complex. 
As I sat at the top and laid on my back lots of people were lining the sides on the way down. 
I pushed myself off and as I went past all the people they threw screwed up paper at me. 
I don't recall reaching the bottom. 


Sunday, 14 July 2013

Knife of life

Another dream that I wasn't directly involved in but observing. 
There was a large crowd of people in the street and everywhere was black as if chard by fire. It was a dark cold looking environment. 

Amongst the crowd of people I saw a young attractive female with long dark hair and dressed in a flowing red dress. 
She was holding a large knife in her hand held down by the side of her leg. 

As the people wandered around the black street the female released her grip on the knife and it fell to the floor in slow motion. 
As the blade dug into the blackened pavement colour spread from its tip and across the floor. Spreading like water away from the knife all the colour returned into the street and surrounding area. Even the people turned from grey to bright vivid colours. 


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Spider to a fly

I was at my mums house in my old childhood bedroom and hanging from the ceiling was a spider about the size of a rat. 
I watched it lower towards the floor and my wife popped her head into the room and said we had to leave. I told her to wait a minute and held out my hand to catch the spider. 

I needed both hands to hold it and I saw a fly in the corner of the door frame. My wife kept insisting we needed to leave but I carefully threw the spider at the door. As it hit the door frame the spider opened its mouth and swallowed the fly whole. I laughed out loud. 

I then noticed a dart board on the wall that was really worn out and had the wire rims hanging from it. 
I removed it from the wall and turned it over to use the other side but it was in a worse state than the other. 
I looked up to see that my wife was still waiting for me and without speaking gave me a look they said, 'We're leaving now'. 


Friday, 12 July 2013

Johnny Depp's optical illusion

Starting off I'd gone into work and everyone was moaning because the bosses had come up with yet another money saving scheme. This one was to have two people sharing one locker and selling the empty ones. 
I was laughing because I was sure they wouldn't dare put anyone else in my locker because I have OCD and I wouldn't be able to cope with someone else's mess. 

I went to my locker only to find they had and another name was written on the door with their stuff just thrown over mine. 
I went onto panic mode and removed all my equipment and clothing shouting that I'd just carry my stuff around with me and that there was no way I was sharing. 

The next part of my dream I was watching TV, it was a film staring Johnny Depp who was dressed as Willy Wonka from his remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Johnny had a group of followers and there was an opposing group of baddies trying to find them. 

The setting was a vast array of corridors in a basement and both groups marched through sets of double doors seemingly towards each other. 
Just as it looked as if they were about to meet Johnny pushed open a set of doors and they all disappeared. The baddies pushing the same doors were confronted with screen showing a long corridor and they stepped into a conveyor belt. 

Peering through the door behind the baddies Johnny laughed as they were moving on the same spot down a never ending corridor. 


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Back to the 70's

UInitially I had entered an apartment to find a man who told me that a female visitor had outstayed her welcome but he couldn't get her to leave. 
When I went into the living room I saw a woman laid out on the sofa asleep. 
In an armchair was my wife watching TV and she glanced over briefly and said, "Chuck her out please, she's annoying me". 

I shook the females arm and she opened her eyes and immediately started to shout at the man. They proceeded to have a domestic argument so my wife and I thought our best course of action would be to leave and promptly did do. 

I was next transported back to the 1970's and into the grounds of my old primary school, although I was an adult. 
As I walked around garden area a tall black man approached me with bright orange Afro hair and a massive handlebar moustache. 
As we drew level with each other he pointed a finger at me and winked, I called out to him as he passed me, "Nice tash dude". 

I then entered a classroom but didn't recognise any of the people so left and went into the next room. 
Here also I recognised no one so I played football with a crushed coke can around the tables much to everyone's annoyance. 


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Musical key and bearded intruder

I was in my mums house asleep in bed when I got the feeling I wasn't alone. I could see a figure in the darkened room and got up to see who it was. 
Stood before me was a short rotund man in a grey suit and he had an enormous grey bushy beard. 
My pogonophobia kicked in immediately and I shouted at him to get out. 

Grabbing hold of his arm I marched him down the stairs and towards the front door. The man laughed and told me that he had a spare key to the house. 
I made him hand over the key and as I threw him out I shouted that I'd be getting the locks changed. 
As he left a very somber looking ex work colleague called Mike walked into the hallway. Mike was followed by my good friend Matt who was smiling. 

I was next staying in a hotel and was in the process of checking out. 
At the reception I asked the man at the desk if he could copy a key for me as there was a key cutting machine on the counter. 
I pulled out the key I had taken from the bearded man and placed it into the machine. 

As I did this the lights dimmed, the reception desk spilt in two and moved apart and music began to play. 
The hotel staff started to sing and dance about cutting a key and I was sat in the audience watching the show. 

It was the shortest musical in history because as soon as it had began it finished with the staff walking out to take applause. One by one the maids, kitchen staff and receptionist took a bow. 
Lastly a woman dressed in a blue dress came out and bowed before the crowd and I saw that it was Margret Thatcher. 

Pogonophobia is an abnormal fear or dislike of beards. I have no idea where this fear manifested, maybe I was traumatised as a child. 


Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Gate crasher

I was sitting in my car into the entrance to my house waiting for the electric gates to open. Whilst I was doing this I found that I had been transported into a room containing lots of people, none of which I knew. 
I started engaging in various conversations with them and it felt like I was doing this for hours. 

One of the topics got fairly heated and I could feel myself getting angry with the person and began shouting to get my point across. 
I had no idea what I was saying but as I got even more aggravated I banged my hands in front of me and stamped my feet. 

It was at this point that I was back seated in my car and as I stomped my feet I hit the pedal and my car smashed through the wooden gates. 
Such was the shock and noise of the engine revving and splintering timber that I shot upright in bed thinking it was in the room! 
I looked at the clock and it was exactly midnight.  


Monday, 8 July 2013

The young ones

Starting off I was watching Rik Mayal from his Young Ones days performing as the people's poet. 
He was reciting a poem but I couldn't hear him because I was to busy saying that its ages since I saw the Young Ones and that I should look up the DVD. Which is very cheap on E Bay by the way. 

Lastly I was out on one of my normal walks with my dog when I saw a group of people standing in the middle of a field. 
As I got closer I noticed that they were dancing an Irish jig. 
Arms straight at their sides with lots of jumping and leg kicking, they were really going for it until they suddenly were aware of my presence and stopped. 

They all then just walked out of the field and into the path and started chatting as if they were just out on a walk. I eyed them suspiciously  


Sunday, 7 July 2013

Richard Hammond hit show

It's been a few weeks since I dreamed about Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond but that changed last night. 
Along with Jerry from work, Richard was hosting a TV show. 
The object of the programme was for members of the public to beat up famous people and work colleagues. 

I have no idea of the rules or prize monies involved I was the contestant and that all I was concerned with. 
Various people stood in a line, none of which I recognised other than poor Jerry. Maybe they were all Z list stars due to the fact they were going to be beaten. Some people will do anything for fame. 

I then set about punching and kicking the assembled 'celebs' one by one. As I did they all started laughing and enjoying it. Richard watched from the sidelines and just shook his head in disbelief as if to say 'What have I lowered myself to here?'


Saturday, 6 July 2013


It was a hit afternoon the last day of June
And the sun was a demon. 
The clouds were afraid one ten in the shade. And the pavement was steaming.

The opening lines from the 1973 hit Summer by Bobby Goldsboro which are on a continual loop in my head this morning. 
As I readjust from working nights all my tired brain could offer today is that song. 

The song tells the story of a 17 year old boy losing his innocence to a 31 year old woman with the classic line, 'We sat on the sand, and a boy took her hand
But I saw the sun rise as a man'. 


Friday, 5 July 2013

Monkey madness

Apart from seeing hundreds of soldiers in red jackets rushing towards me as a drifted off to sleep I thought I was in for another coma like rest. 

That was until I was running very fast along a street and nothing was catching me. I was as fast as a Cheetah.  
The wind rushed through my hair and I was felt so free.  

Then from nowhere I heard hysterical laughter, as I glanced right a flash shot past me and in front. 
The blur slowed momentarily and I saw it was a monkey on a bicycle. He turned his head back to look at me, showed his teeth and let out a howling scream mixed with laughter and then flicked me the middle finger! 


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Penis enlargement

Nothing unusual for me to be dreaming about going to the toilet. It's my brains way of informing me that I should wake up and go take a pee. 

I was doing just that and standing over the toilet. When I looked down into the pan it seemed very deep and I couldn't see the bottom of it. 
As I started to pee nothing came out but instead my penis started to expand as if it was a balloon filling with water. 

I became rather alarmed as the end of it swelled to the size of a football and the weight of that stretched my manhood to about 10 feet long. 
Very concerned by this unorthodox penis enlargement, my brains plan to wake me succeeded and I opened my eyes. 
A quick welfare check on my vitals to see all was normal and I rushed off to the toilet. 


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Death Valley

Night shiftz take there revenge again with absolutely nothing visually taking place as I slept. 
All I have is a song on a constant loop playing in my head as I woke this afternoon. 

From the amazing 1969 album 'Barbed wire sandwich' by Black Cat Bones I have track 2 'Death Valley' invading my head and remaining there now.  

Barbed Wire Sandwich is a psychedelic heavy blues rock album. The original vinyl version of the album is now highly sought after by collectors of rock and heavy blues music of the late 1960s and 1970s.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Slippery slope

Back to sleeping during the day for a week and with that a very comatose rest to start off. 
As my head hit the pillow I could see long grass surrounding me up to my knees. 
I was running through it and as I gathered speed I realised that I was on top of a steep hill, but all too late as I lost my footing and began to tumble forwards. 

With arm franticly waving like a windmill I rolled through the long grass in a very undignified manner. 
I shouted out but as I opened my eyes in bed, instead of a manly distressed cry I heard myself uttering an embarrassing girly whimper. 
At least I'd not disturbed my wife as she was still awake and sat there shaking her head at me in quiet acceptance of her odd husband. 


Monday, 1 July 2013

Hospital waiting times

A very short dream last night. I was attending hospital for an appointment which is something I will be doing later this week. 
I'd booked in at the reception and sat patiently to be called. Whilst waiting a woman handed me three pieces of paper that she had drawn on. They were coloured diagrams of my kidneys and liver. 

I then noticed that everyone else had gone from the waiting room and I was the only person there. 
An old man walked past and told me that the hospital was closing in an hour and that I should say something. 
I approached the reception desk and spoke to the woman sitting behind it. 
She totally ignored me as if I wasn't there. In fact no one could see me. 

09 10