Thursday, 27 March 2014

Dr Ryan

I was in America with my wife in a van. My wife was driving and we had stopped at a zebra crossing. Not sure they have them in the US. 

There were hundreds of people passing in front of the van using the crossing and it was impossible to continue. In the end we just abandoned the vehicle and started walking. 

We reached a set of steps that led below ground into a basement. Following them down, we twisted and turned until arriving at street level again. 

I was next in an American A&E department with Ryan from work. We were on some kind of work place attachment and were there to observe. 

Suddenly from behind a cubicle curtain, appeared a doctor. He shouted at Ryan, "I need your help, get here now!" 
Ryan was instructed to sit on top of a female patient that was fitting. 

I watched with amusement as the doctor left Ryan sat on the woman having convulsions, flipping him like a bucking bronco. 
Ryan held on tight as he was tossed around the cubicle. He shouted out, "Help, I'm not a doctor!"   

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