Saturday, 31 May 2014

Wee stop

My usual problem with being on a night shiftz in that my need for a wee manifests into my dream after a few hours sleep. I was in a dark building full of connecting doors, all the walls and doors were dark wood panels too, adding to the dullness. 

I was searching for a toilet and kept opening doors, hoping the next one would contain a lavortory. As I entered a large dining hall, several people were queuing away from the door I had just entered by. Everyone looked very unhappy. 

I tried yet another door and someone else was holding the handle on the other side. We pushed and pulled a couple of times before the door opened inwards as I let go of the handle. I was confronted with Simon from work, who smiled at me and said, "Alright buddy". 

He walked out and I saw two toilet cubicles. Not wishing to use the one he had come out of I checked them both to see if I could work out which one he'd been in. The right hand toilet pan still had the water flushing in the pan, so I chose left. 

I was next in a petrol service station and could see a 40 foot artic lorry parked on the forecourt, the driver was walking towards the kiosk. I jumped into the cab of the lorry and started up the engine. 

I put it in gear and pushed hard on the accelerator. I'd not taken the handbrake off and the lorry jerked hard against the brake and I was pushed back in my seat. I was then suddenly standing behind the lorry driver in the queue in the kiosk. 

I woke at this point needing the toilet. 


Friday, 30 May 2014

Calm down, calm down

After watching a cop show last night, I dreampt about being one. I watched the brilliant U.S show, Brooklyn 99 which clearly inspired my imagination. 

I was at work and a man stood before me about to be charged with murder. He was being looked after by Charlote and Aimee, who were basically chatting and ignoring him. 

Just as I was about to charge the man he fell on the floor clearly faking a heart attack. A paramedic appeared and started jumping on the mans legs. 

As the paramedic continued to disprove the man was having a clutcher, by bending his legs in the wrong direction, I glanced around and saw a second paramedic stealing stationary from the cupboard. 

Lastly I was outside a small cafe with my wife and we were waiting for her dad and his friend to join us for breakfast. 

They arrived and my father in laws friend was from Liverpool. He had a very loud and pronounced accent and was very cocky and annoying. 

We entered the cafe and a very old lady came out with a pot of tea. She looked at us and said, "I wish I could be your friend, but I just don't want to be". 


Thursday, 29 May 2014

Cash machine

I was in a restaurant, the kind that are in garden centres or department stores. You walk along the display filling your tray and pay the lady on the end. 

When I got to the end, instead of a lady serving there was a self checkout machine like the ones you now get in supermarkets. My food only came to £2.50, so I reached in my pocket and found I had a 50p and a £10 note. I placed both in the machine to receive £8.00 back. It kept all my money. 

I was next in my mums back garden and there was an old sytle light blue Ford Feista parked on her lawn. A woman got out of it and appolgised for having broken down. A man arrived to fix it and the woman came into the kitchen. 

My wife was setting the table for dinner and set an extra place for the woman, who was very thankful. She explained that the car was now twenty years old and that she should perhaps get a new one. 

Finally I was walking out of a building, across a bridge over a road towards another building. The bridge connected the two buildings. I was wearing a bright yellow high vis jacket. When I looked at everyone else, they too were all in yellow. 

Not wishing to be the same as everyone else, I took mine off. As I got to the other building, people were sat outside at tables like a continental cafe. One of them sat there was Phil from work. As I entered the building he followed me. 

I tried to ignore him but he kept asking me where I was going and what I was doing. I stopped and turned round to face him and he had turned into Nick one of the big bosses at work. He was wearing a white T shirt with a picture of Phil on it. Odd. 


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Five sisters & Wally

I was in an orchard with my wife, it was just turning into night with the last shards of the daylight, leaving a chill in the air. From the other side of a dry stone wall appeared a woman. She said she had come to collect some sisters. 

We looked around the orchard and could see five women who all looked simular in appearance. They all dutifully followed the woman and left us alone. 

I was then walking in the bright summer sunshine with work colleague, Spooner. We were in the city of Peterborough but it looked like the Main Street in Skegness, Lincolnshire. Spooner said he needed to find Wally. I looked confused as I didn't know who he was talking about. 

A little further along the street, spooner walked into a cafe and handed a man sat at a table a McDonalds loyalty card for a free coffee. When I looked at the sign ubove the door, it was Walley's cafe. In my mind I noted that it had an E in the spelling too. 

Lastly I was talking to two small boys in the street. I was explaining to them that I had drempt about cutting my hair. I told them I had cut it myself with clippers and given myself a Mohawk hair style. They looked totally unimpressed.  


Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cucumber and marmalade.

I was with a group of guys and we were driving up and down a street looking for somewhere to eat. Everywhere we found was either packed full of people or closed. Just when it looked as if we would never find anywhere, we pulled into a completely empty car park. 

There was a restaurant which was open and with no one inside. We ran in and sat at a long table and grabbed a menu each. Without even being asked what we wanted, a waitress bought out food and gave it to us. 

On my plate were garden peas, diced cucumber and a pot of marmalade. Looking at everyone else's plates, they all had the same. Hungry, I didn't complain and started eating. When I looked up from my plate, the room was totally crammed full of children, all standing around the edge staring at our food. 

I hunched myself over my plate in a protective stance and hastily scooped up my peas, some of which rolled onto the table. I shouted out, "Oh look I've pea'd on the table".  In true tumbleweed fashion, the silence was deafening. I wanted the ground to swallow me up. My friends were sat silently shaking their heads at me. 



Monday, 26 May 2014

Scarves and socks

Last night featured two work supervisors. The first was Kirsty who I sat next to on a bench in a town square. It was a sunny day but for some reason, she was wearing a knitted scarf. 

Kirsty started to put her head on my shoulder and fall asleep. I nudged her and stood up to walk away but her scarf had become entangled with my arm. 

After spending ages getting loose, I walked off around the square passing a bank. Two old men with walking sticks were just behind me and were saying how poor they were. I decided to ignore them. 

Lastly Ricky was in my bedroom. I'd woken up and he was standing at the end of my bed looking at me. He spoke and said, "Can I borrow some socks?"


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Tower of London, toast and pears

I was in a massive warehouse with a roof that was at least fifty feet high. There were about twenty other people present. 

Hanging from the rooftop were hundreds of pears, from branches. Everyone was holding a glass jug full of water. I had an extendable pole. 

I felt smug that I was best equipped to get the fruit and started to push my pole at the pears above me.
To my surprise, everyone started to float onto the air towards the roof. 

They held their jugs up and pears gently dropped into the water. I poked at the fruit in vain with my pole which wasn't long enough. 

I was next in a darkened room as the sun slowly emerged and began to light the room. As it did I could see the Tower of London outside the window. 

Below the window in the room was a bed with someone sat up in it. As the light illuminated the room, I saw it was Lee from work. 

He was wide awake and had a full plate of cold toast. He said that he was thinking too much and hadn't slept all night and hence couldn't eat his toast.  



Saturday, 24 May 2014


The overwhelming theme from last night was that at every given opportunity, I was telling people that my jeans were in the year 1979. 

I was talking to people and I would randomly state that they were stuck back in time and I couldn't retrieve them. 

I was also attempting to play a floppy disc into various computer equipment. All the computers were modern and the outdated disc wouldn't fit into anything. 

When asked what I was doing, I again stated, "My jeans are in 1979!"  


Friday, 23 May 2014

Harry Secombe on the run

Just as I initially dropped off to sleep I woke with a start as both my hands had swollen like balloons. A quick check confirmed they were normal and I went back to sleep. 

Comedian and founder member of the Goons, Harry Secombe appeared in my dream. He had solid balls of paper about the size of golf balls that he was throwing at people. When they hit someone they caused injuries and he was also smashing windows with them. 

After pelting a school with his makeshift weapons, a small girl left with Harry and joined him in his trail of destruction. Running into a wooded area and laughing as they went. 
Up above the trees was a mountain that had a path cutting through it. As Harry looked up at this a figure riding a horse appeared. 

The figure was entertainer, Noel Edmonds and he was out to apprehend Harry and put a stop to his reign of terror. The girl and Harry threw paper balls at Noel and ran off laughing. Nothing was stopping them. 


Thursday, 22 May 2014

Sour sweets & superheroes

The setting for last nights dream was the now delilict site of the old Peterborough district hospital in Cambridgeshire. I was in the basement of the building tied with rope to a chair. 

I was not the only one held captive in this way, a group of American superheros were also there, including, Captian America, Wonder Woman and Superman. I know what you're thinking, why didn't they just escape using their powers? They weren't working was the simple answer. 

Behind me were some metal shelving containg boxes of sour sweets. I managed to shuffle my chair over to them and move my head over to eat some. They immediately gave me the power to break free from my constraints and release the others. 

We ran through the dingy corridors of the old hospital basement looking for a way out. In the middle of an underground carpark we were met by a gang of villains holding machine guns. We all stopped thinking we were done for. 

Then the superheros huddled together in a circle and combined their powers, a flash of green light exploded from them, causing the villains to flee. We then triumphantly walked out of the hospital, into the summer sunlight. 

I was then driving my car following my work colleague Lorney, but I was watching this from a distance and wasn't actually in the car. Upon closer inspection, the cars were remote models and Lorney was controlling them. She was wearing a bright peach coloured summer dress and had her hair and makeup done as if she was going to a wedding. 


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Merkin at the seaside

I used to live in the Lincolnshire seaside town of Skegness, it is here that my nights dreaming takes place. Set as always along the Main Street which has the clock tower at the end of the road. 

I was with my work colleague, Matt, who I was actually working with yesterday. We were walking along the street when I noticed a male and female in a side road. Both were completely naked and rolling around on the floor kissing. 

When they saw us, they stood up and looked slightly embarrassed. It was then that I noticed the female was wearing a merkin. A merkin for those unfamiliar, is a pubic wig, worn over the genital area. 
Merkins were originally worn by prositutes after shaving their genitalia.

The wig was massive and covered most of the woman's stomach, it was made of pubic hair and looked very scary. So scary that I was that alarmed by its presence, I grabbed hold of the female and threw her under a passing lorry, crushing her to death. 

Matt and myself then walked on, reaching a small bistro further along the road. From within we heard a cry of, "Oh my god!"  We looked through the window and there four men and a small boy inside. We beckoned them over and asked each in turn what the problem was. None of them spoke English.  We carried on walking. 


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Don't call me scar face

Bit of a mixed bag of events from last night, beginning with me being asked by some guy how I got a massive scar on my face. 

The scar ran from my ear to my mouth and looked horrendous. I was being modest about it because I basically didn't know how I had got it, when work Colleauge Kallum started telling the guy that I was a war hero. 

I was feeling a little uncomfortable about Kallums total lies, when another work colleauge called Feaney approached me. We walked me over to the far side of a field telling me that there was a phone call for me. 

A metal wire fence defined the end of the field and there was a tree on our side of the fence. Under the tree was a blue tooth ear piece. Feaney laid down on the floor and put his mouth against the ear piece. He whispered, "Never forget that I love you". 
When I picked up the device, there was no one there. 

Lastly I was walking towards a block of flats and noticed one was on fire. As I ran over towards it I saw a cat with four kittens. They all had the exact markings of a tiger. The protective mother moved away followed by her brood. As they did, they all turned into pigs. 


Monday, 19 May 2014

OCD cupboard

It's odd how various topics of conversation manifest into my dreams. I had been talking to my wife about her working from home and this turned up in last nights events. 

I was at my mums house where myself and my wife were hosting a singing contest. My wife explained that this was part of her new role at work, which couldn't be further from reality. I took a break and went into the kitchen to get a drink. 

When I entered, two people I didn't know we're leaving the room. I opened the cupboard and all the glasses had been turned upside down and mixed up out of size order. This immediately had me hyperventilating as my OCD kicked into overdrive. 

I ran back into the living room to tell my wife but the room had become a police cell. Sat in the corner was a young girl who looked as if she was high on drugs. 
Then Neil came in, who recently retired as a supervisor from work, he was with Pat, who still works there. 

Neil was asking the girl what she had been up to and just kept turning to me and laughing. I noticed that Neil looked about ten years younger, his hair was jet black and he looked in great health. After laughing at the girl for a bit longer, Neil left. 


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Red handed jewel thief

Last nights dream was set in a cinema, my wife and myself were trying to move along an isle to get to a vacant seat whilst the movie had already began. We kept hitting people as they half stood up whilst still attempting to hold their seat and popcorn at the same time. 

As I knocked the umpteenth person and appolgised, I spotted an empty seat. I sat down and saw that the person next to me was my good friend Matt, who spends half of his life at the cinema. I looked back at my wife who was still struggling along the isle. 

I then looked over at the screen and saw my wife was part of the movie. She was chasing a jewel thief that had made off with her jewellery. The man responsible had a red T shirt on, the hero of the film, who was also chasing the thief, had his arm in a plaster cast that was red. 

A witness to the crime mistakenly pointed the finger at the hero and he was arrested. My wife was happy that someone had been captured but still wondered where her jewels were. 

Matt slurped on his drink and whispered over to he, "I've seen this one before, the villain gets away". I looked down the isle and saw my wife still moving towards me. 
I stood up and shouted, "They've got the wrong man, it wasn't him"!  I was then soundly shushed by everyone in the cinema. 


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Irish nudity & West Ham

I was in Ireland for my dream last night, somewhere I have never been, but the giveaway was that everyone had an Irish accent. So I'm pretty sure that's where I was.  

I had firstly gone into a pub that was so tightly packed with people that I couldn't even get to the bar. It was so loud, I was feeling very claustrophobic and just headed for the exit. As I got into the street a group of women approached me. 

The women invited me back to their houses but I declined and walked off, just wanting some peace and quiet. 
I was next at home, and wondering how I had got from Ireland so quickly when there was a knock on the front door.  In my mind I was expecting a plumber to arrive and give me a quote for some work. 

I opened the door and was greeted by a workman, as our stares met he gave me with an apologetic look. Behind him were the women I had met in the street in Ireland and lots of men from the pub. 
All off them were completely naked and holding bottles of alcohol. 

Lastly I was outside in the darkness of the night, I was on the sand dunes of a beach. I was attempting to get a hot chocolate from a vending machine but it kept giving me hot water. I was becoming increasingly annoyed with it when I heard what sounded like soldiers on manovoures. 

I looked over the sand dune onto the beach and saw soldiers running towards the sea with guns raised. Leading them was George from work, George was in the football strip of West Ham United. He was running around in zig zags and didn't appear to know what he was doing. 


Friday, 16 May 2014


Unfortunately, it would appear that the entire World is set against me having any sleep today and have converged outside to smash wheelie bins, deliver heating oil and generally talk loudly at what a lovely day it is. 

Not such a lovely day if you have been working all night and attempting in vain to sleep on a beautiful summers day. Sleepy village life? Not a chance today. Farm machinery, ride on mowers and shouting cyclists are putting pay to my slumber and in turn any dreaming. 

A large mug of tea is required to help inject some life into my weiry body and prevent me from wanting to rush out in the street and protest at the World being alive in such a noisy fashion. 

As I sit in bed slowly sipping the caffeine into my veins I can't really grumble at such a lovely day. I can always catch up on sleep later. I'm going to join you World and embrace the day. 
Perhaps after just one more cup of tea........... 


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Moaning matron

I was sat in a hospital waiting room and had spread myself out over three chairs with my feet up on one and my coat tossed over another. No one else was able to sit down and those that wanted too were too afraid to approach me to ask me to move. 

I looked up and saw the ward matron standing over me with her hands on hips. She did not look happy. She started to complain but then walked off along a corridor still moaning. I tried to ignore her but I could still hear her complaining to other members of staff. 

I got up and followed the sound of her voice and found her talking to other nurses about me. Everyone except the matron noticed me approaching and started to walk away. I shouted out, "Oi", the matron turned her head and was met by a punch to the face. I walked away smiling. 

As I moved back along the corridor I could see a police van driving down a street. The back doors to the van were wide open and lots of bags and people were falling out into the street. 
I used a Walkie talkie to attempt to communicate to the police and alert them. 
But as I tried to speak, my voice wouldn't work and I was choking.
At this point I woke up coughing in bed. 


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Car park dribble

I was taking part in some kind of sporting event held in a car park. It involved various people from work including Spooner and Lee. A fair sized crowd had gathered to watch the proceedings. 

We all stood on a starting line with a football at our feet. Ahead of us were various obstacles, such as brightly coloured plastic cones, just like the type used on a primary school sports day. 

A whistle blew and we all started to dribble the ball as we manovoured around the cones. Everyone of us were messing up by knocking cones over and going the wrong way. Another whistle sounded and I was announced the winner. 

The others all looked on in disbelief at how I could have won and was as equally as bad as they were. A subsequent second and third game resulted in me being triumphant again. The others were voicing their objections when Dave from work started giving a detailed and really boring explanation as to my victories. 

The others then turned their anger at Dave and started to chase him, I walked up to a table, grabbed a large silver trophy and lifted it above my head. I looked very smug.  



Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Jason Stratham's carrot

Film star Jason Stratham was being chased by the bad guys in an adventure movie. I was watching it as if I was there. 

Set in a big city full of skyscrapers, Jason ran, dodging bullets and rocket launchers as the villains got nearer to capturing him. 

The villains controlled the World, using a grand command centre, they watched everything on cameras and at the touch of a button, machinery and veichles obayed them. Jason was the only one able to stop them. 

Climbing to the very top of a skyscraper, the evil villians laughed as it looked as if Jason had nowhere to run too. At the very point of the building it looked as if all was lost and a missile headed towards him. 

Suddenly Jason flicked the top of the spike on the top of the building and it opened up. From his pocket, Jason produced a carrot, he rammed it onto the top of the spike. 

This caused a blue neon spark to shoot into the sky and the villians were finished. They lost all control of the world and Jason Stratham was the hero. 


Monday, 12 May 2014

Jelly bread

Again I was dreaming that I was in my mums house. It does always seem to be as it was when I was a child and not how it looks today. I needed to go to the toilet which is situated at the end of the hall in full view of the front door. 

I sat down on the toilet but noticed that the bathroom door was open and then noticed that the front door was also open. I could see right out into the street, meaning anyone passing would also be able to see me on the pan. I sat there shouting, "Dad, dad!" I could hear him laughing. 

I was next in mums kitchen where my wife was preparing dinner. From the fridge she produced a large plate that had a dome shaped jelly made on it. Within the jelly were several different shaped loaves of bread. I stared at it and said' "What the.........!"  My wife sliced it like bread but the jelly fell apart. 

She explained that our friend Lee-ann had made it. I started to say how horrible it looked and that there was no way I was going to eat it, when Lee-ann entered the room. 
She smiled and asked how the jelly bread was. "Oh it's nom nom", I lied. 

For my American followers, jelly for you is jell-o and we call jelly jam, (fruit preserve) in the UK. 


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Box room

I was in my Nan's old house, a place where I spent a lot of my childhood. I used to sleep in what was called the box room, the tiny room that had the stairs taking up half the room, positioned above the front door overlooking the street. 

It was night time and I was in my old job as a school caretaker, looking out of the window I could see the school across the road. Dawn was breaking and so I walked around the school and unlocked all the doors. 

When I returned to the box room and glanced back over at the school, I noticed a huge hole in the front of the building as if it had been hit by a mortar attack. The roof above it was seriously damaged  and was about to collapse. 

I ran over as children were starting to arrive, I saw the deputy headmaster and told him to evacuate the premises. He decided that it wasn't that dangerous and refused to close the school. I went back up to the box room and sat watching, waiting for the imminent collapse of the building. 


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Country cottage

Set at night, I was in a small cottage that I had never seen before. In the kitchen was a range which provided heat and the ability to cook. There was an old leather arm chair next to the range and a window looking out into a small meadow. 

I sat staring out of the window and watched the sun rise. As I did, the meadow came to life. Two horses wandered through from a hedge and ate some grass, followed by a cow and then a dear jumped around. 

I walked outside to take in the splendour of the Mother Nature. When I got there, all the animals had gone and I was in a back yard. An American woman pushing a car went past me. She said hi and that she was a friend of Bill next door, who is also American. 

I then saw my wife who was playing with a large brown dog. The dog was laying on its back so it could have its belly tickled. When I went over to it, it's fur was soft velvet exactly like a soft toy. In fact it was sewn together with various patches of material just like a toy. 


Friday, 9 May 2014

PJ Ben

Initially I was at my mums house, my dad was there. I was having a bath. I'd also been sat on the toilet. I was naked. 

Disturbingly I bent over and showed my parents a red mark on my bottom. My dad suggested that it maybe was from sitting on the toilet for too long. 

I then went upstairs to my parents bedroom. When I opened the door I saw my wife's work supervisor Ben. He was standing next to a shower cubicle. He was in red striped PJ's that had a rope drawstring around the trousers. 

There were two single beds in the room, both contained a sleeping male in them. Ben whispered so he didn't wake them. He needed a towel so he could shower. I handed him one of the purple towels from my house. 


Thursday, 8 May 2014

It's different for girls

I have woken this morning to the song, 'It's different for girls' by Joe Jackson.  I thought until I looked it up, that Billy Joel sang this but I was mistaken. 

I have no visual memories from my nights slumber, my brain has only managed to select a song from my internal jukebox. It will now be playing over in my head for most of the day. 

To hear music in your dream signifies prosperity and pleasure. You are expressing your emotions in a positive way. Music serves to heal the soul.



Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tidal wave

I was with my friend and work colleauge Garath. We were in a works van driving along a coastal area. Running ahead of us was my dog Humbug. 

It was a nice sunny day so it was a little surprising to see three foot of snow when we turned a corner. Around the next turn, rain and then sun again. It was like a micro climate. 

Garath started to explain to me how this could happen when I drove into a lake. The van floated and continued moving. I excellerated hard and turned the wheel causing a large wave. 

Garath said, "You shouldn't have done that". The wave started to gain momentom, getting faster and bigger until it reached a tidal wave. I gave a 'Whoop whoop'. 

I glanced ahead, remembering my dog and saw that he was happily running on water and skipping through the wave.


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Flash flood and shotguns

I started off by being at work, I needed to simply walk across the road to a different building to collect some pepper work. No idea why but I only had a pair of shorts on and it had started to rain. 

I saw Nina and she was wearing bright yellow coloured body armour with her name on the shoulders. I asked her to borrow it and placed it over my head. As I walked towards the road people where saying, "Hello Nina", to me as I past them. I looked at the road and it had become a torrential following river. 

I returned to where Nina was and gave her back her body armour advising her of the dangerous river. 

Next I had entered a strange looking ramshackle old house, situated in the middle of the woods. It was very spooky looking and I approached it with trepidation. I slowly opened the wooden front door, which creaked in true horror movie style.  

Inside the main room was a large school chalk board with various mathematical equations written over it. Sat at a desk was Spooner from work, he was looking through various books. I asked what he was doing and he stated that he was trying to find the combination to the safe in the corner of the room. 

He went on to explain that within the safe was the key to the gun cabinet which he wanted to open to get a shotgun out. Knowing Spooner as I do, I wasn't convinced that he was the the best person to be in possession of a firearm. 

I made my excuses and left, not wishing to be any part of what ever he was planning to do with a gun. 


Monday, 5 May 2014

My mental health

I drempt that I was suffering from a mental disability. I was unable to speak and made a horrible moaning sound when I tried to communicate. I was in a van but sat in the back of it. 
I tried to climb over the drivers seat to get out. 

As I climbed over the front of the van I knocked the handbrake and the vechile started to roll down an embankment towards a river. I panicked, shouting for help but no one could understand me. The van was balanced precariously over the edge.  

I was calling out and waving to people on the riverbank but they just looked away, not wishing to help me as I was mentally ill. Eventually the van toppled into the river and I blacked out. When I woke I was crawling down a long corridor, being followed by a woman dressed in leopard skin leggings. 

I climbed onto a bed and rolled myself into a ball and tried to hide from her. She approached me, sitting on the edge of the bed. She smiled at me and said, "No one cares about you, retard". 
I then started to talk in an upperclass accent, stating how displeased I was that just because I couldn't talk, I was classed as a social outcast and thought of as stupid. 


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Seaside robbery

I was driving a van on a narrow country road, it was a dark night and there were no street lights. I only had my headlights to guide me, it started to become tretuous as a heavy fog descended upon the road ahead. 

The road became even narrower and I saw a sign pointing towards the coast. I continued to follow it, driving over a sand dune and expecting to arrive on the beach. I was surprised to find that I arrived in an industrial warehouse park, with a group of small works units. 

I saw a couple of lorries parked up, one had the word 'Wendy' on the side of it.  As I got out of my van I saw that a gang of thieves were breaking into one of the units, I shouted out to them and they scattered. A small black Pug like dog tried to run away too. 

I had a carpet knife in my hand, I threw this at the fleeing dog, hitting it on the back. Blood poured from it as it ran up to another unit, opened the door and hid inside. I opened the door and saw that it was trapped. Closing the door, I turned back towards the theives. 
Everyone had vanished, including the lorries and the fog. I was on an open beach. 


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Black out

A little bit freaked out by last nights dream. After finishing work at 4am and almost nodding off on the journey home, I was very glad to get into my bed safe and sound. I hit the pillow and it was lights out in an instant. 

To start with I was having a vision of Matt from work as a life size cardboard cutout. He was moving and talking as normal but was only an inch thick. When he turned sideways, I couldn't see him, until the wind caught him and blew him over. From behind he was just brown coloured cardboard. 

I was then driving home from work and feeling extremely tired. My head was dropping like a nodding dog as I struggled to stay awake and focused on the road. Before I realised, my eyes closed and I gave into the tiredness. 

I then suddenly threw my head up and saw the ditch at the side of the road rushing towards me. I panicked and shouted in terror as I was about to crash. 
I opened my eyes and found myself in bed. 


Friday, 2 May 2014

Dancing fool

It is very often the case that I dream about the people around me. Last night was no exception, with me siting the upper deck of a passenger cruise boat. I was on a calm river but I couldn't see where I was. 

As the boat gently floated down the river I could hear music playing, I was unable to distinguish the song at first and cupped my hand over my ear to create an adapted hearing aid. As I consentrated on the tune, I saw Scott from work was sat next to me. 

He stared talking to me and I struggled to hear the music over his excited chatter. I began to become frustrated at his disturbance and tried to walk away from him. Annoyingly, he followed me still chattering. 

Suddenly Scott shouted, "I love this one". He then proceeded to jump around the deck in a show of the worse, or best, whichever why you view it, dad dancing. Other passengers, myself included started to leave, appuled by his display, until there was just Scott alone and dancing to a tune a still couldn't work out.  


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Purple haze

Bit of a brief one from last night. I was in my garden wandering around taking in the fresh air and admiring the splendour that spring blooms bring. 
I saw some purple flowers and bent down to look at them closer, when I did so I saw that not only was the flower purple, but so was the stem and leaves. 

Fascinated by this, I glanced around at other flowers and they too were completely purple. In fact the entire garden was, grass, trees, sheds and even the sky. 

I then spent the remainder of my dream walking around the garden in a state of amazement at the purple haze that confronted me. 

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