Thursday, 23 April 2015

Santa's Mop & the milk shower

Lots going on last night, starting off with me being in total darkness in my nan's back garden. So black was the darkness that I could only find my way via outstretched arms, I felt my way past the apple and pear trees that were my goalposts when I was a child. 

I continued to negotiate my way around the entire garden without falling or bumping into anything, I did this for hours. 
I then saw my wife in my mums living room, she said hello to me and I asked her why she was being so horrible to me. Unsurprisingly, she looked confused. 

Next my work colleague Huggy arrived, he was dressed as Santa Claus but his hair and beard were made out of a mop head. It was one of the old style mops with the woolly sheep look about it. 
He was laughing and handing out presents. 

I was given a gift which was a big toy yellow double decker bus, I was delighted with it and started pushing it around the floor making 'broom broom' sounds. Huggy just kept laughing. 

Lastly I was in the shower at home, I had the plug in so the water was up to my ankles. I was drinking a large glass of milk and every time I took a swig from the glass, milk poured from the shower head. I looked down and the bath water was totally white. 

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