Sunday, 27 September 2015


In my mums living room last night, I was with a man I had just met but instantly liked him. We were both transforming the room, it looked much bigger than it actually is and was in the process of becoming a children's adventure wonderland. 

There were rope bridges and secret pathways into tunnels and vast castle turrets all around. There was a lake in the middle of the room that was crossed by stepping stones. It looked amazing and was almost complete except for two light switch and a lamp shade that required fitting. 

The man screwed one light switch on and handed me the other to do. I immediately dropped the switch, when I picked it up and put it in place, I then kept dropping the screws for it. In the end the man took them from me. 

He told me to fit the lamp shade, it had been on the sofa and when I went to retrieve it, it had vanished. The man then got very angry shouting that the room wouldn't be open until it was found. I started to search for it but my alarm woke me before I found it. 

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