Sunday, 27 December 2015

House clearance

After attempting to ignore my dreams for a week, I'm back, as it made no difference. My brain is as active as ever whilst I'm asleep. Last night I managed to wake every few hours during the night and continue the dream at the exact point I left off. 

Along with my wife I was in a two storey house that was a total mess, it looked like squatters had been in and trashed the place. It was in fact the mess of a former teenage step child of mine and she was still in the house. 

We told her that she had to go but she refused and laughed in our faces. I left the house upset that the place was such a mess and entered the London underground station of Becontree on the district line. There I stood and looked at the house with sadness. I large bearded man approached me and hugged me as if he knew me. I had no idea who he was. 

I then climbed some steps and found myself looking out through the stained glass windows of a magnificent church. I woke up and it was 1am, back to sleep and I was in the same place, I could still see the house across the street. The day had turned to night and it was raining. As I looked on, a funeral procession left the house, quickly followed by another and another. It was like a conveyor belt. 

I left the church and walked over the street to the house and I was followed by a still grinning teenage step child. I opened the front door and entered into the most prestigious looking house, it was spotlessly clean, had cream coloured carpets and smelt lovely. All the rubbish had gone and it was empty but clean. 

In an upstairs room was Sally, she had a duster in her hand. I asked her how the house was so clean and she replied, "I did it for you" and she hugged me and left. I turned around to the teenage girl and she looked disgusted by the cleanliness and left. 
As I walked out of the front door I found myself in a lobby area. It contained various glass display cabinets that had old books and ornaments in. 

I went back to the station and waited. I woke up checked the time, it was 4am. I closed my eyes and was still in the station. I walked back to the house and opened the front door. To my surprise the house was now a trendy clothes shop, packed from top to bottom. 

I asked a shop assistant how this had happened and she just told me to get out as the shop was now shut. I left and found myself in the lobby area. I looked into the glass cabinets and saw model ships in glass bottles. 

Having now written this I'm wondering if I did wake and continue dreaming from where I left off, or if I actually dreamt I was doing that? 

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