Monday, 4 January 2016

Sick bus

I was in the city centre of Peterborough and saw that Cathedral square had been set out with school chairs in rows ready for an assembly. Some of the chairs were already taken and I walked in and out of them looking for my work colleagues but didn't recognise anyone. 

I also notice that I was wearing a suit with a long overcoat on and I kept brushing it to remove the odd hair and bit of fluff. I looked very smart. I walked into a building and entered a toilet, inside there was no actual toilet, just a shower and so I pee'd into that. 

I then looked at the closed door and saw a very large gap on the right side which I could see into the next room. I saw my friend Matt sat watching TV, he was completely naked and sat crossed leged like a child would sit. His back was covered in thick black hair that had grown up over his shoulders and onto his chest. 

I next found myself on a bus and looking around it, again didn't recognise anyone. I was desperate to find someone I knew. The bus stopped in the centre of Peterborough and so I disembarked, as I stepped off the bus I saw Marsha who was wearing a fur coat. 

Happy to see someone I knew I ran at her and hugged her, as I pulled away I saw that she was covered in vomit. She apologised that someone had vomited on her in the bus. I looked down at my immaculate clothes in horror as I now had sick all over me. 

I then went into the shopping centre in order to find a dry cleaners, confident I knew all the shops and where to find one. To my dismay, every shop had changed into one I didn't know, none of them had any names and there was no dry cleaners to be found.  


Friday, 1 January 2016

Keira Knightley cannibal

My wife was with another woman that I didn't know and they were watching actress Keira Knightley who was a short distance away laying on the floor. Laying next to Keira was a person, not sure what sex because I could only see their head right next to hers. 

A high powered rifle fired from somewhere and a bullet blew the top of the persons head off, splattering brain matter all over Keira. She didn't flinch or even seem concerned but instead started to pick up parts of brain and began eating it. 

The woman next to my wife asked who the cannibal was and my wife replied, "That's my sister". Then she looked at my wife and they began kissing. Much to my great disappointment I woke up at this point! 

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