Sunday, 7 February 2016

Cannabis eggs & white coats

I haven't posted in an age but last nights activity can't go unrecorded. 

Firstly I was with good friends Steve and Kate, they were huddled together on the outside corner of a building. It was the hospital scene from the game, Grand Theft Auto V and they were both eating Cadburys Cream Eggs. 
A large black nurse approached them and they both giggled, Steve handed me an egg and told me they were Cadurys Cannibis Eggs, I sniffed it and it smelt of weed, I laughed. 

It was next a bright sunny day and I was running dressed in my wife's Reindeer onesie, I was running from my old apartment on the Thames View Estate in Barking Essex and in my mind knew I needed to find a white coat. 
I reached a house I didn't recognise, it was on all different levels and the floorboards banged and creaked as I run around searching for the white coat. 

My dad appeared and greeted me, I explained that I needed a white coat and he told me not to worry and to get out of the house immediately. I did this just as dad pushed a button on the wall and the entire house shot up into the air. 

The top floor of the house contained a band playing, two on guitars and one on the drums. The house smashed into a solid ceiling of rock, crushing the top floor into a few inches n height. The band were crushed to death and their blood dripped to the floors below. 

I then stood at a bus stop situated outside of a barbershop. An Asain man in a white coat was attempting to avoid being seen by something within the shop and kept moving and ducking his head. I looked into the window and there was a row of press photographers in a line. 
When I looked, their flashes all went off and blinded me, I stepped away from the glass and the Asian man was smiling at me.  

Lastly I was sat at work in some kind of meeting, chairs were set out in rows like in a school assembly, I was at the back and a few rows ahead I could see Ex England football legend, Alan Shearer. I was trying to get the attention of my work mates sat around him to tell them but no one could hear me. 

I stood up and started chanting, "Shearer, Shearer". He turned and smiled at me and then was mobbed by everyone around him asking for autographs. 

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