Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Frank Spencer contract killer

I know I haven't posted for some time but last nights dream was bizarre to say the least. 

I was 1970's star of Some mothers do have em, Frank Spencer, I was wearing the trademark hat but had replaced the brown Mac with a white doctors coat. Under this I was hiding a shotgun and I was in persuit of my target. He was Graham Garden, one of the Goodies. 

Graham was also in a white doctors coat and when he saw me, he started to run away. I gave chase but being Frank, I fell over and the shotgun went off. Fortunately I manages to shot Graham dead. 
I then entered an old lady's house who was shutting all the doors and windows. 

She looked at me and winked, saying, "Thanks for taking care of Graham for me". There was then a noise coming from the front door. I went to a investigate and carefully open the door. As I did a huge bomb exploded into my face and killed me instantly. 

This was the point I was informed that I was chucking my arms around and making whining sounds by my wife. Well I would if I'd just died. 

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