Friday, 31 March 2017

The end of civilisation.

I found myself in the conference hall of a large hotel complex. It was packed with thousands of people.
It had been announced that the end of the World was imminent and to save mankind any suffering, a global pact had been agreed whereby the entire population would end their own lives.

A woman in charge told the gathered people that we were indeed the last people on Earth, the rest of the World having already gone.
It was agreed that I could inject everyone a deadly and instant poison on the understanding that my wife and I were the very last of mankind to go.

An orderly queue formed and one by one the gathered people dropped like flies as soon as I stabbed a needle into them.
I looked over at my wife and we were the only two alive.

At this point I informed her that I intended all along not to end our existence, planning that we would live our lives free of the annoyance of other people.

We went to a hotel room and found that we wasn't alone, Howard Stern former American Idol judge was sat in a chair. He asked me to inject him which I did.
Nothing happened and Howard smiled at me and said, "must be all the drugs I take, I'm immune".

The door then opened and our friend Jayne and her daughter Laura came in and started washing up dishes in the sink.

At this point  needed to pee. I left the room and found a wastepaper bin which I started to fill. It got to the top and I still hadn't finished! This was the point I woke from my dream in need of the toilet.

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