Monday, 24 April 2017

People for dinner

I was moving into an apartment with my wife and was busy carrying boxes into rooms.
A man who I have never seen before was suddenly in the room with us.
He started to ask questions, which started off as inquisitive at first, but then he was just being too personal.

Unhappy with his line of questions I punched him in the face and then continued bringing in boxes.

I then saw the same man walking up some stone steps towards a court where he was about to attend.
At the top, a woman walked past him and the man grabbed her arm. He then produced an axe and chopped her hand clean off.

Holding her arm up in the air the man then started pulling veins and arteries out of her and then dropping them into his mouth like spaghetti.

He continued eating her innards until her body was just a empty bag of skin. He then discarded it like an empty paper bag.

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